PN Fitness


One on One Training

My goal is to provide you with the knowledge, skills and strength to obtain your goals both in fitness and in life. I strongly believe that working through physical challenges whether at home or at the gym strengthens your muscles and your ability to overcome everyday stresses leading into a higher quality of life. I’m here to help you achieve whatever fitness goals you are looking to conquer, and create a healthier lifestyle.

My programs are based on your age, goals, and fitness level:

-Body Fat Reduction and Weight Loss Program

-Strenght and Conditioning 


-Mass Program

-Functional Training 

-Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention

In Home Personal Training

Do you hate packing that bag to go to the gym? Is it hard to find time away from your home or office? Have you bought fitness equipment that has rarely been used? I will come right to you. You save time, and with my supervision, you know that you’re doing every exercise in the safest, most effective way to help you reach your goal as quickly as possible. The bonus of exercising at your own home is privacy: no audience, your own shower, and it all happens according to the schedule you choose.

Programs includes:

-Body Fat/Weight Loss

-Functional Training

-Core, Mobility, and Stability 

-Strenght Training

-Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention

Group Training

Whether is a couple or a group of friends, the more the merrier I say. Group Training sessions are fun and also affordable. With the same philosophy as One on One Training, I will develope a custom program based on your age, fitness level and goals. Some of them includes:


-Absolute Core

-Full Body Circuits

-Tabata Trainings



“Scientia potentia est”, knowledge is power. Having been overweight in the past has helped me understand what other people goes through. 

Have you ever heard the expression: “we are what we eat”? Well, we are. The nutritional content of what we eat determines the composition of our cell membranes, bone marrow, blood, and hormones. Consider that the average adult loses roughly 300 billion cells to old age every day and must replace them. Our bodies are literally manufactured out of the food we consume. So by eating clean healthy foods we can achieve great changes in our life styles.

My nutritional programs are based on your knowledge and goals, whether you want to loose body fat, gain muscle mass or just eat better in overall.